i just couldn’t get over the array of colors this morning at the hollywood farmers market. being that it is pepper, tomato, and flower season i shouldn’t have been surprised, but wow. just wow.

i saw, and bought, my first chocolate brown bell pepper. i want it to taste like chocolate, but the vendor tells me it is more like a red bell pepper, which sounds equally delicious.

even the clams were especially pretty this morning. normally i don’t notice their beauty, because i am drooling over the hot fishermen who sell the bivalves. they even suggested a quick recipe: simmer them in coconut milk, fresh ginger, lemongrass, and cilantro until they open. add a little sriracha for some spice. i mean, who doesn’t love a man who can fish and cook? you can find them on facebook. here is their recipe come to fruition:

there was a lot of other color there today too:

black eyed peas.

tomatoes + hot peppers.

strawberries, raspberries + tomatoes.


yes. these are indeed tomatoes.

flowers at finley’s.

more sunflowers.

tropical fruit.

peppers + eggplant.

camomile. oh my, it smelled floral and sweet. period.

i can’t remember a more colorful market.