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today i woke up with a touch of a sore throat, my head was stuffy, and my eyes a bit goopy. ugh. did i just catch the cold that has been going around? great.

i discovered blossom vietnamese restaurant pretty early on living in downtown los angeles. since it is only a few blocks away, and has reasonably priced, quality, tasty food, i go there often. a few years ago, i got the start of what was in the makings of being a pretty bad cold. i hardly ever get sick, but when i do all i want is hot, steamy, spicy, brothy chicken soup. i remembered that blossom had phở ga on the menu, so i got on my trusty steed and biked up there.

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i must have sounded worse than i thought, or sniffled a bunch when i ordered, because the man taking my order asked if i was sick? then asked if i liked ginger and garlic? he said he would put some extra in, and that i should add it to the broth, and that it will help me feel better. i had heard of the wonders of garlic and ginger in the past, and i knew homemade broths are very healthy for you, but had pretty much thought that chicken soup wasn’t going to cure my cold, it would just make me feel better and comfort me. i was wrong. the next day my cold was gone.

good broth will resurrect the dead. -south american proverb

the chicken is juicy and never over-cooked. the broth is steamy and flavorful. the bean sprouts, thai basil, jalapeño, lime, ginger and garlic are fresh and plentiful.

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all together with a little hoisin and sriracha hot sauce makes a big bowl of delicious medicine.

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so today when i woke up feeling crummy, i got on my trusty steed once again, went a few blocks west up winston street, and ordered what i now call ‘the cold killer’: phở ga with extra ginger and garlic. needless to say i am already feeling better.

blossom vietnamese • 426 s. main street, la, ca 90013 • 323-623-1973


if eminem can clean out his closet, and make a single go platinum…

…i figure the least i can do is clean out my fridge, and make a quick delicious meal. i often find myself at the end of a week with not necessarily no food in my fridge, but an odd assortment of things. tonight i found these things in my kitchen:

i defrosted the shrimp quickly by running under cold water. then drained and blotted them well with paper towels, and tossed them in cornstarch.  i sliced the garlic thin, cut the pepper and flower chive into bite-sized pieces. i heated some coconut oil in a pan, and sautéed the garlic until fragrant, added the shrimp and cooked for a couple of minutes. i added the pepper, cabbage and chive and stirred to mix for a few minutes. squirted on some sriracha, tamari, and honey to taste, and tossed to coat. finally, i sprinkled in some sesame seeds and put over rice.

i might switch up the veggies, or condiments a bit, but it usually takes on an asian flare.

note: this post is dedicated to my dad who introduced me to lots of great music (including eminem), was an inspiring improvisational cook, and would have been 70 on august 28, 2011. happy birthday pops!

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